This blog is reflections on why Islam makes so much sense and interesting observations.

Who am I?  My name is Abdullah Sameer

I was originally born into Ismailism (Also known as Aga Khanis, which is totally different from Ahmediyyas/Qadianis), now on the path of the sunnah. I will inshaAllah post that story as well.

I am married to a convert Muslimah born in Stephenville Newfoundland, and we have some wonderful kids 🙂 I will add more here as time goes by inshaAllah


I am not a scholar. What I am sharing with you is my own reflections. What that means is that I will make mistakes. I try to check everything carefully and make sure that I am not spreading misguidance in any way but I am not perfect and I will guarantee you that mistakes will happen. I suggest that anything you learn from here in regards to Islamic theology or fiqh, that you verify from a knowledgeable scholar, and always ask for sources from the Book of Allah and the Messenger. If anything wrong I say, it is unintentional, and I ask Allah to forgive me. Please do correct me for the mistakes that you notice. Thank you

UPDATE: Please see my new site, Why I Left Islam