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Omar Khadr Letter to Canadian Goverment

Let us help our brother Omar Khadr to get out of his U.S. imprisonment.
If you live in Canada, please send this letter to the following people, and make sure to put your name and address otherwise its not as effective.

[email protected]

The last contact address on there is the MPP for Mississauga East, you can put your own MP instead

Letter courtesy Obama Letter from Omar Khadr Project

Prime Minister of Canada, Right Hon. Stephen Harper
CC Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lawrence Cannon
CC Minister of Justice, Hon. Rob Nicholson
CC Liberal Leader of the Opposition, Michael Ignatief
CC Leader, New Democratic Party, Jack Layton
CC Liberal MPP, Missisauga East, Albina Guarnieri

Omar Khadr is a 22-year-old Canadian citizen who was detained by the United States at the age of fifteen and has been held in Guantánamo since 2002. He is currently facing charges under the Military Commissions Act for acts alleged to have occurred when he was a minor. He is the only citizen of a NATO-allied country still in detention at Guantánamo Bay, and to date he has spent 2,355 days in US custody without trial: nearly one-third of his life.

Given his age at the time of his detention, Omar should have been afforded the special protections to which children are entitled under both US and international law. Regrettably, he has been denied almost all of these protections. Omar was subjected to prolonged periods of solitary confinement as a minor, was never separated from adult detainees in Guantánamo Bay, and was not allowed to speak with a parent for the first five years of his detention. Moreover, since the Military Commissions have no special due process or sentencing procedures to deal with youth offenders, Omar is being tried as an adult.

Omar has also provided detailed accounts of torture and inhuman and degrading treatment during his detention, which include descriptions of severe sleep deprivation, prolonged detention in stress positions and short shackling, and the denial of medical treatment for very serious gunshot wounds. These accounts are consistent with admissions made by Omar’s interrogators, reports by the FBI and independent investigations by the United Nations. That such credible allegations of mistreatment have been raised by any detainee in US custody should be cause for serious concern. The fact that they have been raised by a child makes them that much more shocking. Clearly, this situation requires prompt attention.

The coming weeks mark a decisive turning point in Omar’s case. On January 26, 2009, Omar’s trial before the deeply-flawed Military Commission is scheduled to begin. Out of deference to the close ties between our two countries, the Canadian government has maintained that it will not ask for the repatriation of Omar while a judicial process is ongoing under the jurisdiction of the United States. It is therefore imperative that the US act first.

As such, we call on you to immediately take the necessary steps to prevent further violations of Omar’s rights and to afford him the protections to which children in armed conflict are entitled – namely, that Omar be promptly withdrawn from the jurisdiction of the Military Commissions Act and repatriated to Canada for rehabilitation and disposition within the Canadian justice system.

Respectfully yours,

My Name

Stuck in the middle of nowhere and need your help

Our brother Omar, you might not know him, but he is your brother and my brother. We need to help him.

Incase you don’t know, is stuck somewhere with the Americans. And he is outside of the legal boundaries of the court system. He is not being treated well. They are using sleep deprivation, and all sorts of horrible things to him. We need to do this. Remember, if we cannot change something, our duty is at least to YELL at people doing bad. (I don’t mean yell literally, but you get my drift, let them know that they are responsible and need to do something)

The timing is good because Obama is promising to close Guantanamo, so there is a lot of pressure on our government already. As well, Maher Arer he managed to get out of his grave-like torture cell (where cockroaches and vermin used to sleep with him and cats used to urinate on him) first by the permission of Allah, secondly because his wife pressured the Canadian government to bring him home. Those in power have authority and we need to PUSH them. At least you have something to say like “Prime Minister Dude, get a life, he’s only 15 when he was arrested, BRING HIM TO CANADA FOR A FAIR TRAIL” or somethign of that matter.

PS i hope you dont mind if i add you to my personal list

Here are some news articles on this topic – Khadr’s lawyers had tried repeatedly to have this week’s hearing delayed so as not to end on the government’s evidence if Obama stops the trial. – Omar would have agreed to seeing the Pope in Afghanistan if it would get him out of being tortured

This article mentions that Omar was also interrogated by the same people who killed the innocent taxi driver, they are referring to our brother Dilawar (you can watch a full video on him online)

**please forward widely**


Ask to leave a message, they’ll switch you to a voicemail service, be prepared to leave a clear, short message, such as: “Repatriate Omar Khadr Home!” or “Omar Khadr is a child soldier. Get him out of Guantánamo.” Feel free to state your name and city of residence and/or phone number.

CALL HARPER TODAY:613.992.4211

Also call and leave messages for:

Justice Minister- Rob Nicholson- 613-995-1547 **Mackay says any changes will be made by Nicholson

Minister of Foreign Affairs- Lawrence Cannon- 613-992-5516

Minister of Defence- Peter Mackay- 613-992-6022

Don’t be afraid to bother them, and encourage all of your friends and family to leave a message as well!

9/11 Families Protest Gitmo trials

Two dozen family members of Sept. 11 victims signed a letter Wednesday saying they don’t believe in the fairness of the military trials of five men charged with orchestrating the 2001 terrorist attacks.

9/11 families protest Guantanamo trials – article on MSNBC

Your Brother Was Arrested!

It really hurts.. that your brother, whom prays at the same mosque as you.. He was used, he was played, he was set up, and now he is in trouble.. He is crying, he is lonely, it has been 600 days now in solitary confinement. That is a very traumatic thing to go through. In today’s Toronto Star newspaper they talked about how one of the “suspects” who was released described how his personality has changed and how he has a huge temper and he blanks out and cannot sleep at night, and so on…

You know maybe Allah will ask us about those in Palestine, Kosovo, and so on. But Allah Will DEFINATELY ask us about what we did in this case, when our own NEIGHBOURS were used and locked up for no good.. Infact if you don’t care enough to watch this video that I am sending below, I hope that you will be the next one who gets arrested and nobody will care about you either.

Read this comment by Helen – March 28, 2008 posted on this blog

Assalama Aleikum brothers and sisters.I am Zakarias mother one of the Accused innocent which he still in solidary confinement may Allah give him patient and protect him.He is in Solidary confinement for almost two years .You all of you should know how I feel is my son and I Love him mor than anything.I cry for him every day and I pray for the people which they sold themselves for the money to repend and to do whatever it takes for all the accuse to come out.Still is not too late for them to repent and Allah subhanaa o Taala will accept there repentance inshallah.I am a convert to Islam and I believe that this religion is base in the truth and patience.I never hate anybody in my Life even I have been heart from people but always I pray for them to become straight and this is what I teach my kids also.So please if you people who hurt our sons still you have any feelings left as a real Muslims speak up the truth and feel with us as the families of the accused.Feel also what it feels when suppose you own something and someone out of nowhere comes and take it for you.Its Kind of ownership.Well this is what I feel from my son and I want him back.So please repent and speak up the truth.

Some of your Canadian brothers are still in jail! According to a Toronto Star article written by one of the released “suspects”, their lives have been ruined, they have a hard time controlling their anger, they are blanking out, and so on… It’s very sad how we, the Canadian public, were manipulated and our brothers were baited and used as pawns, similar to how Dilawar was used..

Contact information for David Weingarten:  [email protected]

The video is also located at youtube (

Please spread this information, the public needs to know what is going on.

Captive In Canada

Sign this “End Solitary Confinement

Eid Mubarak

Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

The following is my email I sent about 1 week after Eid 2007. As such its a bit rough and it was sent without much editing but here it is.

Eid Mubarak to each and every one of you.
I apologize for the lateness of this email, but alhamdullilah your email box won’t be full of these emails right now since I’m probably the only one sending it so late.

I wanted to send an individual email to each and every one of you, but lifestyle unfortunately does not permit me to do such a thing, which is sad indeed.

We have only 2 celebrations a year, we have our own identity and we stay away from all these batil celebrations – Halloween, Christmas, etc..
we know that a lot of them have their roots in pagan and evil celebrations but the rulers in fact took these polytheistic rituals and made them part of their deen..

We reject all such celebrations.

Even there are some Christians who refuse to celebrate birthdays, and refuse to celebrate Halloween, and even some who wont celebrate what is now known as “Christmas” because of the roots of how it started..

do some research and learn the truth. Isa alaihis salam was not born on December 25th.
see item 5 on Was Jesus really born on December 25th?

but we have to stand strong and realize that Islam is the deen of truth. And we have our own celebrations, our own EID.

Thus, it is very important, especially for those of us living here in the non Muslim countries, to make a big deal of Eid. We have to celebrate, have parties for our kids, buy something nice for our families, and make it super special and remembered.. if we don’t. we will be assimilated…..

may Allah accept all our good deeds and fasting this month, ameen

Overpopulated world? I doubt it

“Marry so that I can be proud (of your numbers) on the day of judgement over the other nations.” as narrated by Ibn Uthaymeen (islam-qa)

The world is in a state that populations are dwindling. People in the “1st world” are refusing to have children. Women want to work more and more. And this is harming the societies.

China, which has a 1 baby limit, is now beginning to see the consequences for such policies.

Most of the richer countries in the world today pay you to have babies. Canada gives a very generous “Child Care Bonus” or “family tax benefit” (get exact name). It is about $200 per month per child as well as money for child care (babysitting) expenses, as well as a new universal child benefit of $100 a month. For a couple earning less income, there is also more money for them.

Denmark and other countries as well pay you to have children, there are tax benefits plus cash benefits.

Why would these countries pay money for us to have kids? Because a country needs population in order to keep the society running smoothly. It especially needs young hard workers.

But are we overpopulated in the world and starving? Someone called Malthus made a theory that since food supply grows more slowly than population growth, we will starve ourselves if we keep having children. Unfortunately his theory is very flawed. Even with the current state of the world, there is more than enough wealth and food to go around, if it wasn’t for the massive injustice we have in the world.

What does $456 billion buy?

This means we can easily feed most of the world if we weren’t blowing money like this.

The reality is, that children are becoming more and more rare. For a society to keep its population constant, each family needs to have on average 2.1 children (the .1 extra is for boys who die faster than girls on average). You will learn this in economics. If the number of children per family drops below this number, then immigration is required. As well, it is important for a country to have a larger base of younger (working) people and a smaller number of older dependent people. This is called a population pyramid

And an an aside, personally, my parents are happy that I have children. All my aunties and uncles love their new nephews. My parents love their new grandsons and spoil them silly (not necessarily a good thing). Also my grandfather (nanabapa) did not get to meet them, but alhamdullilah my grandmother (nanima) is now a great grandmother and she is also very happy for the blessing. And it is all because of Islam that I am now married with kids. Unlikely in my other life had I not accepted the deen would ever have kids at this time or be married at this age (24) if I was not following Allah’s commands to protect my chastity by being in this relationship. God knows best. But it takes strength to be different from the run of the mill.

In the end.. in conclusion

Want to save the world from going extinct? Become Muslim.

Today we went to Muslim Fest!

Assalam alaikum

Today we went to MuslimFest (My sweet wife, her sister who recently has become Muslim, our 2 kids and I)! The event is organized by Young Muslims, DawaNet and SoundVision. Overall, I think it was a wonderful day spent with the family. Adam had lots of fun on the “bouncy bouncy” as he called it (giant inflatable playareas), was kinda scared sitting on the ponies, and scarfed down his sharwama in no time.

The event is another great place to see your brothers and sisters in Islam, and gives us a sense of community feeling. Especially being a minority here, it gives you the opportunity to connect to our subculture (The Muslim subculture). New Muslims get the opportunity to meet old Muslims, and we all get a chance to sit and talk. I had a good discussion with brother Jaafer on halal RESPs and halal RRSPs as well as some!

Possible improvements / suggestions for change for next year:

  • Segregate the common areas and seating – women 1 side, men other side
  • I didn’t like the Musical parts of the show, the drum circle, the actual music inside the actual comedy show, better to do without it.

Salam alaikum