Let us help our brother Omar Khadr to get out of his U.S. imprisonment.
If you live in Canada, please send this letter to the following people, and make sure to put your name and address otherwise its not as effective.

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The last contact address on there is the MPP for Mississauga East, you can put your own MP instead

Letter courtesy Obama Letter from Omar Khadr Project

Prime Minister of Canada, Right Hon. Stephen Harper
CC Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lawrence Cannon
CC Minister of Justice, Hon. Rob Nicholson
CC Liberal Leader of the Opposition, Michael Ignatief
CC Leader, New Democratic Party, Jack Layton
CC Liberal MPP, Missisauga East, Albina Guarnieri

Omar Khadr is a 22-year-old Canadian citizen who was detained by the United States at the age of fifteen and has been held in Guantánamo since 2002. He is currently facing charges under the Military Commissions Act for acts alleged to have occurred when he was a minor. He is the only citizen of a NATO-allied country still in detention at Guantánamo Bay, and to date he has spent 2,355 days in US custody without trial: nearly one-third of his life.

Given his age at the time of his detention, Omar should have been afforded the special protections to which children are entitled under both US and international law. Regrettably, he has been denied almost all of these protections. Omar was subjected to prolonged periods of solitary confinement as a minor, was never separated from adult detainees in Guantánamo Bay, and was not allowed to speak with a parent for the first five years of his detention. Moreover, since the Military Commissions have no special due process or sentencing procedures to deal with youth offenders, Omar is being tried as an adult.

Omar has also provided detailed accounts of torture and inhuman and degrading treatment during his detention, which include descriptions of severe sleep deprivation, prolonged detention in stress positions and short shackling, and the denial of medical treatment for very serious gunshot wounds. These accounts are consistent with admissions made by Omar’s interrogators, reports by the FBI and independent investigations by the United Nations. That such credible allegations of mistreatment have been raised by any detainee in US custody should be cause for serious concern. The fact that they have been raised by a child makes them that much more shocking. Clearly, this situation requires prompt attention.

The coming weeks mark a decisive turning point in Omar’s case. On January 26, 2009, Omar’s trial before the deeply-flawed Military Commission is scheduled to begin. Out of deference to the close ties between our two countries, the Canadian government has maintained that it will not ask for the repatriation of Omar while a judicial process is ongoing under the jurisdiction of the United States. It is therefore imperative that the US act first.

As such, we call on you to immediately take the necessary steps to prevent further violations of Omar’s rights and to afford him the protections to which children in armed conflict are entitled – namely, that Omar be promptly withdrawn from the jurisdiction of the Military Commissions Act and repatriated to Canada for rehabilitation and disposition within the Canadian justice system.

Respectfully yours,

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