Vote for your favourite Islamic Site now

Isn’t it strange that when you search for Islam you end up with sites like which is a very deviant
site that does not conform to the teachings of Islam but rather they are a small group from among the muslims
that believe in this prophet who called himself “Rashid Khalifa” and they make a very big deal about the number 19
appearing in the Quran, and yet they also reject the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad and they still call themselves

When I was in University, at the start of Ramadan, they posted it on a bulletin web site that the Muslims
were starting fasting in this month called Ramadan and they said for more information on Islam see!

Incredible, but it was not surprising because it is one of the search results for Islam on Google.

How did they do it? How did they end up at the top?

Well to begin, Google uses a concept called PageRank, and to calculate how “useful” they think your page will be,
they look at the number of links to it. And then they look at how popular each one of those links is.

So what are we supposed to do about it?
Well, first of all, if you have an Islamic site or blog, LINK to other Islamic sites! That is considered
a “vote” by Google, and will increase the rank of the destination site. Also, use the correct keywords
when linking to the site. Don’t put a link that says for more Quran MP3s click here
but rather put Click here for more Quran MP3s.

Read Yusuf Estes’ article on Websites Against Islam – Don’t Promote Them AT ALL (a vote for

By following these guidelines, every drop of water will result in an ocean.