Our brother Omar, you might not know him, but he is your brother and my brother. We need to help him.

Incase you don’t know, is stuck somewhere with the Americans. And he is outside of the legal boundaries of the court system. He is not being treated well. They are using sleep deprivation, and all sorts of horrible things to him. We need to do this. Remember, if we cannot change something, our duty is at least to YELL at people doing bad. (I don’t mean yell literally, but you get my drift, let them know that they are responsible and need to do something)

The timing is good because Obama is promising to close Guantanamo, so there is a lot of pressure on our government already. As well, Maher Arer he managed to get out of his grave-like torture cell (where cockroaches and vermin used to sleep with him and cats used to urinate on him) first by the permission of Allah, secondly because his wife pressured the Canadian government to bring him home. Those in power have authority and we need to PUSH them. At least you have something to say like “Prime Minister Dude, get a life, he’s only 15 when he was arrested, BRING HIM TO CANADA FOR A FAIR TRAIL” or somethign of that matter.

PS i hope you dont mind if i add you to my personal list

Here are some news articles on this topic

http://www.thestar.com/News/World/article/574190 – Khadr’s lawyers had tried repeatedly to have this week’s hearing delayed so as not to end on the government’s evidence if Obama stops the trial.

http://www.thestar.com/News/World/article/574190/ – Omar would have agreed to seeing the Pope in Afghanistan if it would get him out of being tortured

This article mentions that Omar was also interrogated by the same people who killed the innocent taxi driver, they are referring to our brother Dilawar (you can watch a full video on him online)

**please forward widely**


Ask to leave a message, they’ll switch you to a voicemail service, be prepared to leave a clear, short message, such as: “Repatriate Omar Khadr Home!” or “Omar Khadr is a child soldier. Get him out of Guantánamo.” Feel free to state your name and city of residence and/or phone number.

CALL HARPER TODAY:613.992.4211

Also call and leave messages for:

Justice Minister- Rob Nicholson- 613-995-1547 **Mackay says any changes will be made by Nicholson

Minister of Foreign Affairs- Lawrence Cannon- 613-992-5516

Minister of Defence- Peter Mackay- 613-992-6022

Don’t be afraid to bother them, and encourage all of your friends and family to leave a message as well!