Assalam alaikum

Today we went to MuslimFest (My sweet wife, her sister who recently has become Muslim, our 2 kids and I)! The event is organized by Young Muslims, DawaNet and SoundVision. Overall, I think it was a wonderful day spent with the family. Adam had lots of fun on the “bouncy bouncy” as he called it (giant inflatable playareas), was kinda scared sitting on the ponies, and scarfed down his sharwama in no time.

The event is another great place to see your brothers and sisters in Islam, and gives us a sense of community feeling. Especially being a minority here, it gives you the opportunity to connect to our subculture (The Muslim subculture). New Muslims get the opportunity to meet old Muslims, and we all get a chance to sit and talk. I had a good discussion with brother Jaafer on halal RESPs and halal RRSPs as well as some!

Possible improvements / suggestions for change for next year:

  • Segregate the common areas and seating – women 1 side, men other side
  • I didn’t like the Musical parts of the show, the drum circle, the actual music inside the actual comedy show, better to do without it.

Salam alaikum