It really hurts.. that your brother, whom prays at the same mosque as you.. He was used, he was played, he was set up, and now he is in trouble.. He is crying, he is lonely, it has been 600 days now in solitary confinement. That is a very traumatic thing to go through. In today’s Toronto Star newspaper they talked about how one of the “suspects” who was released described how his personality has changed and how he has a huge temper and he blanks out and cannot sleep at night, and so on…

You know maybe Allah will ask us about those in Palestine, Kosovo, and so on. But Allah Will DEFINATELY ask us about what we did in this case, when our own NEIGHBOURS were used and locked up for no good.. Infact if you don’t care enough to watch this video that I am sending below, I hope that you will be the next one who gets arrested and nobody will care about you either.

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Assalama Aleikum brothers and sisters.I am Zakarias mother one of the Accused innocent which he still in solidary confinement may Allah give him patient and protect him.He is in Solidary confinement for almost two years .You all of you should know how I feel is my son and I Love him mor than anything.I cry for him every day and I pray for the people which they sold themselves for the money to repend and to do whatever it takes for all the accuse to come out.Still is not too late for them to repent and Allah subhanaa o Taala will accept there repentance inshallah.I am a convert to Islam and I believe that this religion is base in the truth and patience.I never hate anybody in my Life even I have been heart from people but always I pray for them to become straight and this is what I teach my kids also.So please if you people who hurt our sons still you have any feelings left as a real Muslims speak up the truth and feel with us as the families of the accused.Feel also what it feels when suppose you own something and someone out of nowhere comes and take it for you.Its Kind of ownership.Well this is what I feel from my son and I want him back.So please repent and speak up the truth.

Some of your Canadian brothers are still in jail! According to a Toronto Star article written by one of the released “suspects”, their lives have been ruined, they have a hard time controlling their anger, they are blanking out, and so on… It’s very sad how we, the Canadian public, were manipulated and our brothers were baited and used as pawns, similar to how Dilawar was used..

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Please spread this information, the public needs to know what is going on.

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